81 #Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Bunny - UC Full

I’ve grown to not like events so much, I miss the days when you could tp to a store and see new things or explore SL and find new and different designers. I can’t stand the fact that even though I have a method that allows me to get in fairly quickly to most any event, I still have to be bothered with full sims, designers that are over worked so their designs become more and more basic and people blogging the same things because EVERYBODY goes to these events so now everybody blogs the same things.

Dear followers thanks so much for you support, I promise to try and bring you new things, new perspectives and catch the stuff designers DONT put in events. Not hating on events, just not liking the saturation of them and wishing there was more of a balance.

Happy Shopping Pixel Darlings  ❤

Shoes : United Colors :  UC_Wild_Lara_Leather_high heel_all in 1

Bodysuit: ::HH:: Hucci Houston Bodysuit – Rose (Phys)

Necklace: LaGyo_Eugenia necklace Gold

Hood: Stockholm&Lima:The Bunny Hood (Chocolate) RARE





Boss Lady #76


So today I decided to take an adventure to The New SLVogue Sim   it looks like something right out of Miami. I love it, If you want to take a trip to a high fashion sim this would be ideal.

Happy Shopping Pixel Darlings ❤

** DIRAM ** STELLA Outfit – White
Diram Bra – XS
Diram Skirt – XXS
Diram Shoulder Coat : XS coat sold seperately – (On9 Event)
Shoes: Essenz – St. Tropez Whit
Headpiece: LODE/VRSION
*LODE* Head Accessory – Magone II [fashion light] RARE
Hair: Vanity Hair:Lunatic-All Black

For more about the On9 Event please check click here