Peanuts #79


Well it’s been a long time since my last blog post. As my significant other mentioned today. O.O

What happened was… lol (((( I NEEEDED A BREAK )))) but I love you still.

Presents for all my followers on facebook for Christmas, I’ve got goodies from some of the best designers on the grid. Especially for YOU!!!  link below

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This Look is just perfect for the Thanksgiving Hangout with your family, friends or with the nerds your consider your rat pack!

Happy Shopping Beauties ❤

Sweater: -tres blah- Angora Sweater – Zig Zag

Turtle Neck Piece: ghee 60s MOD lemon Turtleneck Collar unrigged [resizer]

JEANS!!!!: Indented: Damsel l Wash 1 S

Hair: Tempo by : Puft :

Glasses: [Z O O M] Cheeky Glasses


Rings: [7891.] The Estate Rings Collection 4 The Gacha Mania






Come Away With Me#46




Happy Shopping Lovelies ❤

Hair : HOMAGE — Poison : Noir[F] – Designer: Kaiden Trill

Earrings: Pure Poison – Bunny Earrings – Designer: Shaleene Kenin *group gift*

Sunglasses: RYCA Sunglasses GA-N GOLD- Designer: Ryca Doobie

Jacket: RICIELLI-Ricielli Mesh (M) Trench Jacket/#hotpink Designer: fhara acacia

Bag: RICIELLI -Ricielli Mesh – The Birkin Bag  Designer: fhara acacia

Pants: Maitreya– Maitreya Stefani Pants * Designer: Onyx LeShelle

Shoes: [whatever] wing sneakerheel – grey – L Designer: annagrey

Luggage: Color.Me.H.O.F  (new store is ROWNE) Mesh [Luggage Set[Vintage](Rezz) RARE designer Fashionboi Landar *nolongeravailable*